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VINCI Foundation

The VINCI Foundation supports a wide range of social and professional integration initiatives, while also boosting employee involvement and promoting social innovation within the VINCI Group’s business lines.

The foundation encourages local initiatives operating within the communities in and around areas in which VINCI operates in France and further afield throughout Europe, reflecting the Group’s desire to act as a long-term partner to the communities it builds and where it manages many structures.

Since it was set up in 2002, VINCI Energies and its subsidiaries have played an active role in the local action carried out by the VINCI Foundation, in France and in Europe. Indeed, in addition to the financial support offered to local community projects, 480 employees have invested their own time and skills in 2021 to sponsor the charities chosen by the foundation.

A four-pronged approach to combat exclusion

Access to employment

The foundation supports organisations that strive to help people back into work after long-term unemployment or improve access to training for people with no qualifications, such as integration through employment organisations, sheltered employment bodies that hire people with disabilities, as well as various other structures that support disengaged people for example by promoting literacy and offering basic training.

Community mobility

The foundation supports initiatives that enhance mobility within socially or professionally excluded groups, including driving schools and community garages, affordable rental companies, mobility platforms as well as projects to improve spatial/temporal awareness and mobility assistance services.

Integration through housing

The foundation encourages organisations that help vulnerable people to find and stay in decent accommodation, such as bodies that build and manage affordable and subsidised housing developments, charities working with people who find themselves homeless, live in unfit accommodation or risk eviction as well as projects that foster diverse intergenerational or social communities and participatory housing.

Priority areas for social development and community cohesion

The foundation works with charities that endeavour to improve community ties, combat isolation and mitigate social exclusion in underprivileged areas, including young people’s charities, support groups, workshops, homework clubs, neighbourhood groups, literacy centres, and charities combating disengagement among young people by harnessing sport and culture.

VINCI Solidarity

As part of the Covid-19 Solidarity Initiative, the VINCI Foundation set up a platform to help VINCI employees in France do their bit by getting involved in tasks they can do from home and/or in the field in Covid-safe conditions.